A Power Flush is a way of optimising your homes heating by cleaning out your water tank and pipes. This is made necessary by the natural build-up of limescale, corrosion deposits and rust that occurs through normal every day usage accumulates throughout the system forming a black sludge lining that effects the efficacy of your heating system.  DS Serve provides a professional power flushing service on central heating systems throughout South East London which specifically targets this problem and in turn increases your heating efficiency.  System debris, sludge build-up of and sediment deposits mean the pump has difficulty moving water around the system.  This will reduce the ability of your heating to work effectively.  No matter which region of SE London you live or work in, whether you have a noisy boiler or rusty radiators, then DS Serve Ltd is the company to call. 



Do I need a power flush? 

If you have noticed:

• Cold spots  in your radiators
• Water is dirty found when bleeding your radiators 
• Slow heat-up times for heating
• Loud noises your boiler, and or banging in the pipes 
• Your hot water temperature fluctuates

Then you should consider a Power flush to improve efficiency



There are many properties in South East London from Greenwich to Lewisham and Deptford to Woolwich that have central heating systems running at very low levels of efficiency.  After just 90 days heating systems have been known to lose a noticeable degree of effectiveness with drops of up to 20% efficiency being detected.  The heating system in Homes and Business in South East London will begin to deteriorate and work less efficiently from day one. Like much of the south, South East London is located in a hard water area this increases the wear and build up on your heating system, increasing the frequency maintenance such as the power flush will be needed. 

The Build-up that occurs in South East London naturally from use will eventually cause increasing heating costs and the unnecessary expense of large scale replacements in the future, as well as risking the condition of your heating system and boiler as a whole. The Power Flush (also known as a system flushing) is the only guaranteed way to breathe new life into the central heating system or 'system flushing' as it is sometimes known. In South East London DS Serve's dependable engineers work with only the very best equipment and the highest quality corrosion inhibitors and flushing products to save you money by making your central heating system run at optimum levels of efficiency at all times. Reducing energy costs, and increasing the life span of the heating system.   


Just look at the benefits that power flushing can have on your central heating system:

  • Increased efficiency of the central heating system
  • Dramatic reduction in noise from the boiler
  • Reduction in heating bills
  • Quicker warming of the house throughout 
  • Increased lifespan of radiators and valves
  • Boiler life extended
  • Hot water circulation will improve
  • Sludge deposits in radiators are flushed out making them hotter


Powerflushing in your South East London is available from just £300 for up to 10 radiators!!!  So, if you have problems with your central heating system such as cold spots on radiators, slow to warm radiators, intermittent operation or a noisy boiler we can help. Our strategically located Power-flushing teams can provide a complete power flushing and sludge removal service (using Fernox or Sentinel) for homes and commercial customers throughout South East London.


Cheapest Power flush?

We welcome you to compare our service and prices with other companies serving South East London,
such as:

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 We may also need to carry one or several of the following


        • Radiator Bleeding
        • Drain Down
        • Boiler Descaling


 If you don’t need an expert plumber, but need another tradesman, you’ll be happy to discover that we also have Drainage Engineers in South East LondonHeating Engineers in South East LondonGas Safe Engineers in South East LondonTankers for Hire in South East London Maintenance Men in South East London

Talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisers on 0800 211 8424


DS Serve will service central heating systems across all of the following: South East London Areas Covered: Borough, Bermondsey, Bank, Abbey Wood, Belvedere, Blackheath, Kidbrooke, Brockley, Camberwell, Kennington, Oval, Brixton, Catford, Ladywell, Lewisham, Elmers End, Hither Green, Bellingham, Beckenham, Charlton, Woolwich Dockyard, Royal Arsenal,

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