Every day in Regents Park toilets are blocking up and overflowing, due to too much toilet tissue or heavy loads trying and failing to be flushed down the toilet


If your toilet is blocked it is a messy nightmare that nobody except plumbing and drainage engineers should attempt unblocking.  That said, you may want to attempt a DIY job.  The first thing to do, whether you are calling professional toilet unblockers in Regents Park, London such as DS Serve or attempting to do DIY, is not to keep on flushing. 

Although this may seem like a good idea at the time, it is actually the worst thing you could do.  What you will be doing is adding more (potentially dirty) water on top of the water already stuck in your toilet pan and it will move closer and closer to the top of the pan before overspilling from the toilet onto your floor covering as it has nowhere to go.  If you have carpet, you do not want to dirty waste water to spill on it.


If you can't use a plunger to remove the blockage yourself or simply need it cleared it ASAP, then you may prefer to call one of DS Serve's Regents Park highly skilled toilet unblocking engineers who are accustomed to unblocking showers, sinks, drains and blocked toilets daily throughout Regents Park, Camden, Hampstead, St. Johns Wood and other areas in North West London.


DS Serve's reliable engineers have the experience and training to use several different environmentally friendly techniques when it comes to clearing toilet blockages and fixing other toilet problems, such as broken toilet flushers or slow-filling cisterns. The Regents Park area team are accustomed to clearing blockages caused by baby wipes, the cardboard toilet roll or plastic objects such as toys and fresheners falling into the toilet.  Our Regent's Park plumbers are always polite, courteous and will always tidy any mess stemming from unblocking the toilet.



Preventing Blocked toilets


It is of course cheaper in the long run and sensible to prevent blocked toilet (which can overflow and flood your bathroom) rather than dealing with the cost and inconvenience of unblocking it. The first step you can take to preventing toilet blockages is to ensure that you not dispose of baby wipes or paper towels down the toilet - even if they say disposable on the packaging.  Baby wipes, nappies, sanitary towels and paper towels should never be disposed of down the toilet and nor should take any hair from the sink or shower and dispose of it in your toilet.

Further to this, you could look at regular maintenance as an option. If you would like us to clean and/or replace your toilet's traps, u-bends and cistern as a periodic maintenance operation in your tenanted property or own home or commercial building in Regent's Park, contact us for an excellent quote & a 1st class service which will leave your toilet's drainage system in the best possible condition for avoiding unpleasant blockages.


Our toilet unblocking team are also trained and able to take care of all of the following problems in your home, office, shop or unit in Regents Park:


  • Bath unblocking
  • Fixing Slow draining baths
  • Sink unblocking
  • Fixing slow draining sinks
  • Drain unblocking


For a genuine Emergency 24 hour toilet unblocking service in Regents Park with no call-out charge, you have come to the right place! DS Serve's toilet unblockers are on call 24 hours a day 0203 151 2146.

If you don’t need your toilet unblocked by an expert plumber, but need another tradesman, you’ll be happy to discover that we also have Drainage Engineers in Regents Park, Heating Engineers in Regents Park, Gas Safe Engineers in Regents Park, Tankers for Hire in Regents Park & Maintenance Men in Regents Park

Everyday we are unblocking a toilet in a different home, office or shop in London in areas like Regent's Park, NW1

Cheapest Toilet Blockers In Serving Regents Park?  Please feel free to compare our prices with DIY plumbing or other plumbing and drainage companies in the local area such as: regents park blocked loo and toilet co, blocked drains primrose hill regents park nw1, nw1 drains, yell drains and pipe cleaning regents park central london, blocked drain belsize park nw3, blocked drain dartmouth park nw5

Our toilet unblocking teams dont only stretch to Regents Park:  We are unblocking toilets in: Southwark, Temple, Blackfriars, Tower Hill, Smithfield, Billingsgate, Aldgate, Broadgate, Holborn, Hatton Garden, Clerkenwell, Belgravia, Walthamstow, Covent Garden, Westminster, Tower Hamlets, City of London, Pimlico. South Kensington, Knightsbridge, Pentonville, Shoreditch, Canonbury, Kings Cross, Kentish Town & Regents Park.




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